Electron Accelerator&Radiation Laboratory (TARLA)

Electron Accelerator and Radiation Laboratory (TARLA) contunuing establishment in Ankara University Institute of Accelerator Technologies has been proposed as the first facility of Turkish Accelerator Center (TAC) Project and it is aimed to produce infrared (3-250 microns) laser. Facility consist of an injector line based on normal conducting technology, accelerator section with two super conducting accelerator modules can accelerate particles in continuous mode and optical resonator has two independent undulators. In addition, the electron beam will be use for production of Bremsstrahlung Radiaton. TARLA aims to be the first user laboratory in our country and our region by produce high current electrom beam and electromagnetic radiations. By the Investment Evaluation Plan of Ministry of Development, TAC Project has been completed and Electron Accelerator and Radiaiton Laboratory is ongoing in scope of TARLA Project. Facility aims;

  • Establish and operate the first accelerator facility in our country for R&D, 
  • Create research infrastructre for design and establlishment studies of accelerators and accelerator based radiation technologies,
  • Clear the way of local production in the field of accelerator and dedector technologies,
  • Train expert people in the field of accelerator and its technologies.

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