About Us

Establishment of Institute of Accelerator Technologies (IAT) within Ankara University was suggested in Turkish Accelerator Center (TAC – thm.ankara.edu.tr) intercollegiate project which supported by Ministry of Development and conducted by Ankara University in Extended National and International Project format. After agreement of this project by Ministry of Development in 2006 studies to institute establishment started and actualized with Council of Ministers’ decree dated 01.02.2010. (Enactment no:2010/03) Institute of Accelerator Technologies is the only institution in our country and in the region that is established and operating in the field of particle acceleerator technologies. In scope of its establishment, IAT’s activites and objectives can be summarized as follow;

  • Providing the accelerator based research facilities which are high-tech research tools, to scientist from our country and region as R&D research platform,
  • Provide the post graduate education in design, production, establishment and use of particle accelerators and related technologies in our country,
  • Take leading part in our country in the field of particle accelerators and technologies and host the new national-international research projects, 
  • Improve and actualise the national and international collaboration in the field of particle accelerators and dedectors, 
  • Coordinate the scientists using accelerator based research platforms.

The Mission

The mission of Ankara University Institute of Accelerator Technologies is providing development and common usage of particle accelerator and detector technologies in our country, establishment of facilities for Search&Development and run projects, coordinating the implementation of TARLA, clearing the way for domestic production about accelerator technologies, collaboration with large-scaled accelerator centres like CERN et cetera and raising national awareness about accelerator and detector technologies to train experts which related to issue.

The Vision

The vision of the Ankara University Accelerator Technologies Institue, provide training for particle accelerators and technologies at a level of industrial countries, research, provide producing products with high added value, leading establishment and operating of possible accelerators in the future in our country and to create a structure in which these facilities are run from a center. To play a pioneering role and take responsibility for studies of possible accelerator facilities to be established in future and relation with advanced accelerator centers. Providing work environment for national and international researchers about particle accelerators and detectors subjects and put into practise that researchs and implementations interdisciplinary.